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Reviewed By:

Rosie Malezer

Review Rating:

5 Stars

Reviewed By Rosie Malezer for Readers’ Favorite

Elephants in the Room is a collection of short stories written by Charlene Wexler. Each chapter of this wonderful read covers a different era in time, taking an in-depth look at the everyday lives of a group of people from that era. Starting off with teenage girls wishing their boyfriends were as handsome as President Kennedy, followed by the shock of a nation when the president is assassinated, prepare to be transported back in time to when the proper behavior of men and women in the 1930s will have you raising an eyebrow, or agreeing that things were so much better back then. The excitement of young men who are ready to serve their country, with most never to return, will draw a tear. Girls getting dressed to the nines so that they can outshine each other at an Elvis, Easybeats or Peter, Paul and Mary concert will bring a smile. Prohibition will either give you a sense of relief or annoyance. Regardless of what year you were born, Elephants in the Room is sure to stir up some incredible memories of moments in time which you may or may not have forgotten.

Most of us remember where we were and what we were doing when significant events took place, whether it be putting a man in space, news of a president or legendary singer dying, or even a girls’ or boys’ night out. Charlene Wexler has combined an excellent style of novel writing with the history books and has presented it so vividly that it is like watching a modern day remake of Back to the Future on film. The memories which this book stirred up inside me have brought about conflicting feelings – not about the book itself, but of the happenings in my own history since I was a young child. Watching those moments brought back to life while interacting with the people of that era was a wonderful way to reminisce about days gone by, and I am sure I will be reading this book again and again. I thoroughly enjoyed Elephants in the Room and recommend it to history buffs who enjoy being transported back to the days that shaped us all, making us who we are today.

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