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Violet’s Revenge

I began planning my next move, as this one wasn’t working–even though I stood with my shiny black fur on end across my arched back, my tail held straight up, and my mouth open to show my long, sharp eye teeth.

The large, short-haired brown dog was not leaving. He still was barking, jumping, and stretching his front paws across the bathroom sink in an effort to attack me.

He panted constantly, exposing a mouth full of his own sharp teeth, and a black tongue that hung out.

I could reach out and claw his nose, I thought, but I might miss and he could grab my paw, or I could hurt him a lot, and my human family would be angry. I think I will try using my most fierce hiss, instead.

I narrowed my eyes and closed my mouth slightly to produce an angry “hisssssss!”

It didn’t work. He jumped at me anyway. Good thing I backed off.

How did I get myself into this spot? I thought. I moved my eyes around my surroundings, checking every which way. I was stuck on the top of the sink with no place to jump–except down into his waiting jaws.

The room was small, but the door to my young human’s bedroom was open. If only I could escape into that room. The humongous paws on the dog were getting closer to me with every one of his jumps.

That‘s it–he gets it on the nose! Quickly, I stretched out my right black paw. With claws fully extended, I struck the dog’s snout. Whimpering like a puppy, he jumped down and slowly left the room.

Good, he backed off. Now I must get out of here and hide fast before he comes back. With lightning speed I jumped down from the sink, and flew through the door into the girl’s bedroom, where there were bunk beds. I quickly surveyed the distance between the floor and the top bunk, so I would know exactly how high to jump.

Extending my body, up I went with no problem. I was a good jumper, never missing my mark. I snuggled up on the top bunk, which was close to the ceiling. I grabbed the small blue cotton blanket, inhaling the fragrant odor of my young human friend, before tossing it around to feel its soft, fluffy texture next to my body. I rubbed it under my chin in order to leave my scent on it. I perked up my ears, as my keen hearing detected the dog running back into the adjacent bathroom. I crouched down low and put myself into silent mode, while that trouble-making dog, with his battered nose, sniffed around the sink and the floor.

I mentally grinned, knowing he had no idea where I had gone. And if he should find out, he would have no way to reach me.

Time for a nap!


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